ABOUT meet jenny

I was born and raised in Guelph, but shaped by the sunny dunes at Sandbanks Provincial Park in Prince Edward County, Ontario. Spending childhood summers with sand between my toes and tangled boat hair has largely influenced who I am, and my approach to photography - natural, fun and easygoing. I'm drawn to capturing real emotions, wide angle horizons and details that make something unique.

What I love about photography is the ability to document both ordinary and momentous occasions for others. Being self-taught, I am grateful to have been mentored by some of the industry's top photographers, and feel lucky to work in a region where creatives value community and collaboration. As you browse through my images, if you feel a connection I'd love to get to know you and work together to create something inspiring.

My time is balanced between Durham Region and Prince Edward County, Ontario. If you're interested in a Canadian destination wedding, just tell me where and I'll pack my bags!

Photo by Jennifer van Son

I I'm happiest outdoors Get me out of the city where you can see the stars and hear your thoughts. On the water or hiking the trail is where I'm in my element. Let's go exploring.
II I love craft beer My favourite time of day is happy hour with a cold pint of craft brew. It's one of my top three simple pleasures. Especially when I'm surrounded by those I love...and charcuterie.
III I'm a home body I cherish the ordinary days at home with my husband and daughter. From the morning sun shining through the kitchen, quiet porch sits, to bath time. Small moments are everything to me.