Tips For A Successful Lifestyle Session

Here are some additonal tips that will help you to plan and prepare for your Lifestyle Session!

1. Good natural light sources - give me all the window light! And consider planning the session for a time of day when the light looks best in your space.

2. A cleaned and de-cluttered space. If organized-chaos is your thing, then don't plan to change it all. A messy studio is a sign of progress, right? However, a clean and tidy space will show better in photos.

3. Dress in a way that reflects you/your brand. Consider a change of outfits for various looks (e.g. think workshop/behind-the-scenes look vs. your 'money shot' look). Are you a jewellery designer? Wear the look you want to sell! Is your brand minimalistic in nature? Choose an outfit that embodies this.

4. Consider sourcing additional pieces for styling. This can help to demonstrate how customers can visualize your product in their home (e.g. a table to style, food, florals, people to 'model', etc.)

5. What story do you want to tell your customers? This one is super important, and helps to create a storyboard/shot list that will guide us in your session.

6. Don't hesitate to share your ideas and your vision with me! It's a creative and collaborative process. Sometimes weird things turn out really well, and sometimes they're just plain awkward. Either way, we'll laugh about it until we get it right.

7. Put on the tunes! Create an ambiance in the space that reflects how you work or your customer experience. This helps me to get into that headspace with you.